General information

Registration for the GRACE/GRACE-FO Science Team Meeting 2022 is secured via payment of the registration fee. Waiving of the registration fee is not possible.

Registration is possible until the end of the meeting. The registration fee can be paid by credit card or PayPal. Participants have to register online, cash payments are not accepted.

All payments must be made in Euros and bank charges have to be borne by the remitter.

GFZ employees need a TAN for registration. Please send an email to to request your TAN.

Registration fees

  • On-site participation (including icebreaker dinner on day 1): €205
  • Online participation: €20

Instructions for online registration

  • If you want to participate on-site, please carefully read the hygiene concept and the COVID-19 disclaimer for on-site participation below.
  • Please ensure you have read and understood the cancellation policy on registration conditions as provided on the website.
  • All information should be typed in upper and lower case (e.g. John Smith).
  • You will have the opportunity to review and edit any registration details before the final payment stage.
  • Please note that there is a time limit of 60 minutes set by the system to complete the registration process.
  • Current versions of common web browsers (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge) are the preferred platforms to fill out the registration forms.

COVID-19 disclaimer for on-site participation

The following disclaimer must be accepted inside registration web form when acquiring your participation.
  1. All on-site attendees are obliged to fulfil the German requirements for the event participation including, but not limited to FFP-2 or medical masks, distance measure, usage of disinfectants, etc. These regulations might be adjusted from now until the conference starts.
  2. In order to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and to guarantee a safe conference for all participants, all on-site attendees must agree to strictly follow the hygiene concept of the GSTM2022 conference and the rules stated at the time as issued by the German authorities, the conference venue, and the organizing committee. These regulations and the hygiene concept might be adjusted several times, including adjustments on short notice just before the conference starts. Under this aspect, an on-site participation is at the risk of the attendee. Neither Copernicus Meetings nor the organizing committee, the conference venue, or any company providing services for the on-site conference can be made liable for any possible infections, resulting damages to the attendee's health, or any subsequent suffering an attendee might get.
  3. The contact details of on-site attendees will be recorded for possible contact tracing and must be passed on by Copernicus Meetings to the German authorities in the event of an emergency.
  4. Possible adjustments to the German requirements for event participation and/or the GSTM2022 conference hygiene concept might lead to a situation where either an on-site attendee is forced to cancel their on-site registration, or the event organizer is forced to cancel it. For such late cancellations due to German travel and/or event regulations, the participant can switch to an online participation and Copernicus Meetings will reimburse the difference of the attendee's gross on-site registration to the online registration without an additional cancellation fee. Copernicus Meetings, the organizing committee, and the event organizer would not be liable for any subsequent claims for any other reimbursements (e.g. attendee's travel or accommodation costs).

Letter of invitation

Participants who need to receive an official letter of invitation in order to obtain a visa can send a request to the local organizing committee (

This invitation is not a commitment on the part of the organizers to provide financial support.

Terms and conditions


  • Registration is only valid for the specified person and is non-transferable.
  • Registration for the conference implies the acceptance of the rules of conduct.
  • Changes to registration invoices are only possible with regard to the invoice address or order references. Any such claims must be received by Copernicus Meetings no later than 6 weeks after the last day of the conference . Later requests cannot be considered.

Cancellation policy

  • The registration fee will only be refunded (less cancellation fee) for on-site participants if the notice of cancellation is received by Copernicus Meetings before Sunday, 9 October 2022.
  • There is no reason (including but not limited to illness, inability to travel, visa application rejection, travel restrictions, etc.) for registration cancellation that makes the above-mentioned deadline for cancellations inapplicable.
  • Cancellations after Sunday, 9 October 2022, no-shows as well as cancellations by online participants are not eligible for a refund.
  • The cancellation fee is €105.